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Customising your saddle to your horse

As The Saddle Doctor, I specialize in altering your existing saddle to fit you and your horse better. As a trained saddler I am able to take the saddle apart to do more major alterations if needed. I love the challenge of taking an existing saddle that does not fit and altering it to improve the situation. This will always be my first approach to helping you. If I am not able to do the work required without compromising the saddle’s structure, or if the cost is prohibitive, we will discuss options like looking for a new saddle.

While I do sell saddles, I do not work for any one saddle company. I am the exclusive rep for Custom Saddlery and NSC brand saddles in Canada, but I also carry a few other brands as well as a huge selection of high quality second-hand saddles. I am perfectly happy for you to collect saddles to bring to your saddle fitting to help you choose the best one that fits. To me the best saddle for your horse is the one that fits! [Learn more]...

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